Verification Monitoring

The verification monitoring tab shows you every single verification done in more detail.

The verification Monitoring Page is a feature in the user dashboard that allows users to monitor the status of their KYC verification process.

The page also provides a detailed breakdown of the user's verification status, including the date and time of the verification process, the documents submitted, and any comments or feedback provided by the FACEKI.

Overall, the Verification Monitoring Page provides users with a transparent and user-friendly way to monitor their KYC verification status and ensure that they meet all necessary compliance requirements.

Steps Access to Verification Monitoring Page

  1. Log in to the user dashboard using your credentials.

  2. Once you are logged in, navigate to the verification monitoring section, under the Verification menu.

  3. You can filter the results based on different parameters such as date range, verification type, branch, and verification status.

  4. Additionally, you can also view detailed reports for each verification request by clicking on the respective view button in the action column.

  5. You can also export the data for further analysis and reporting.

Verification details

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