Image Guidelines

FACEKI Image recommendation

Poor image quality may result in errors. Therefore, to reduce errors, note the following:

  • Motion blur effect can significantly increase BPCER (Bona Fide Presentation Classification Error Rate) or the rate of errors classifying a live person as a spoof.

  • Fish-eye lenses are not supported by FACEKI.

  • FACEKI does not accept any fade, blur, not clear face image, two persons in a photo, stretch dimensions, or filtered pictures.

  • Texture filtering can significantly increase APCER (Attack Presentation Classification Error Rate) or the errors of allowing impostors through.

  • Spotlights on the faces and nearest surroundings can significantly increase BPCER.

  • Ill-lighted environment and colored lights can significantly increase BPCER.

  • Appropriate distance is required to capture the face image to comply with the requirements below. Please ensure that inter-pupillary distance, face size, and recommended face proportion on the image are preserved.

  • The face should have proper lighting and should fit in the oval with a proper ratio and dimensions.

  • FACEKI does not recognize small-dimension images.

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Card Images Guidelines:

Please find the reference samples below:

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