Zero Integration (via a Link)

Start Verifying documents without the need for any integration.

This feature allows you to generate a KYC verification link from the user dashboard to verify users without the need for integration. The generated link can be sent directly to the users for verification, which they can use on any device having a camera via a web browser.

Step 1: Getting Started (Create Workflow)

From the FACEKI dashboard, navigate to Workflows. Here, you can create and configure the verification workflows.

  1. Click the Create Workflow Button then enter the workflow name, once completed you can configure the Rules/Configuration by clicking on the setting icon in the action column.

Step 2: Configure Workflow Rules and Configuration

  • Setting up Business Rules:

    • Documents: Select one or more documents according to your business needs. If you want the customer to choose between any one of your selected documents turn on the "Allow User To Choose One Document" otherwise, they need to provide all the documents selected.

    • Branch: if you are running the Multi Branch System, you can select the branch here for which you are creating this workflow.

    • Nationality: Select the nationality if you want to allow only specific nationalities to be accepted, Only select this if the document has the nationality mentioned otherwise leave it empty.

    • Issuer Country: Select the issuer country if you want to allow only specific issuer country's documents to be accepted

    • Min Age: Define the minimum age for a person to be accepted. This will only work if the document has the Date of Birth mentioned

    • Max Age: Define the maximum age for a person to be accepted. This will only work if the document has the Date of Birth mentioned

  • Setting up the KYC Engine:

    • AML Type: You can choose between two AML Engines

      • Standard (Included in Package): Basic AML Checks

      • Plus: On-Demand Paid Service, which will be charged separately. For further details, please contact Sales

    • Data Storage: You can select between the data centers provided by FACEKI, For further details, please contact Sales

    • CallBack/Redirection URL: Enter the URL for redirection, once the verification process is completed, it will be redirected to your entered URL with the LINK ID as a query param.

    • Face Match: You can define the face match score between (0-100) for the document and the selfie. The default score is 95%

    • Store Data with FACEKI: if switched off, the verification data will not be stored on the FACEKI instead data will be sent through the Webhook configured, if no webhook is configured, no data will be provided.

  • Color Setting / Branding:

You can define your customized branding according to your brand guidelines. You can check the info icon next to each field for further information.

Finally, go to Verifications -> Generate Verification Link to generate the KYC verification link. Set the desired validity period for the link (how long it will remain active), specify the usage count (how many times the link can be used, 0 for unlimited), and select the workflow.

You can then copy the generated link and send it to the user for verification. The user will be able to follow the link to complete the KYC verification process.

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